Ahsan Chaudhary

Ahsan Chaudhary

Political scientist

Nonproliferation; Disarmament; Democratisation; IR Theory

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Nawaz sharif nov9 1 647 102915124201 article

Niazamana – Liberal & Enlighten online magazine

Niazamana – Liberal & Enlighten online magazine

Nawaz sharif un 1600x900 article

Banning the Bomb: Pakistan's perspective

Hot Takes: Perspectives on India-Pakistan Nuclear N...





The Uri Attack and the Civil-Military Divide in Pakistan's Kashmir Policy

The Uri Attack and the Civil-Military Divide in Pak...

Kashmir map article

Uri attack and the civil-military divide in Pakistan's Kashmir policy

The civilian government does not control Kashmir policy, nor is able to convince its military leadership to renounce jihad as a tool of statecraft. Accordingly, there’s good reason to doubt that the Pakistani government’s endorsement is a reliable indicator.

Thediplomat 2016 07 08 13 11 28 386x252 article
The Diplomat

Pakistan's Black Day | The Diplomat

How the military engineered its July 5, 1977 coup, leading to 11 years of martial law.

Thediplomat 2015 11 30 19 43 00 386x289 article
The Diplomat

Who Leads Coups in Pakistan: The Military or the Establishment? | The Diplomat

A look at the last coup attempt in Pakistan, the “London Plan” of 2014.

Thediplomat 2016 08 24 15 53 35 386x289 article
The Diplomat

Why Do Coups Happen in Pakistan: A Rejoinder

An alternative explanation for the frequency of military rule in Pakistan....

Open uri20161002 28629 gd346k article
The Diplomat

The Uri Attack and the Civil-Military Divide in Pakistan’s Kashmir Policy

Since its founding, Pakistan's civilian and military leaders have clashed over how to resolve the Kashmir issue....

Open uri20161002 28629 16mbbph article
The Diplomat

Real Blood, Unsubstantiated Allegations: Was India's RAW Really Behind the Quetta Attack?

This time, Balochistan's lawyers bore the brunt of Pakistan's inaction against terrorism, whether domestic or foreign....

Open uri20161002 3247 qvll52 article

A Pakistani Observer Team Leaves for USA to Ensure “Free, Fair ...

Aug 18, 2016 ... By Ahsan Yousaf Chaudhary. DonaldTrump. As the 2016 US Elections near their November poll date, a team of Pakistani Election Observers ......